Thai Organic Soil

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Maruchu Bussan is a Japanese-Thai company. We specialize in the production of Thai organic soil. From our base in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand our premium organic soil products are supplied throughout Thailand and Asia.

Takumi Organic Soil

Takumi Supersoil contains everything that plants need to grow. All ingredients and chemical elements are organic certified.


Ideal for seedlings up to full grown plants including:

  • Fruits
  • Coffee
  • Vegetables
  • Cannabis

Geisha Organic Cannabis Soil

Our top of the line organic growing medium for the finest cannabis crops. This contains the golden ratio of all nutrients and microorganisms


Growing the finest consumable cannabis products.

Sumo Organic Supersoil

This is the soil for master growers of hemp and cannabis. Developed from ‘The Field of Dreams’ with Maruchu Bussan. Designed for maximum yield.


Specially designed for hemp and cannabis plants.

Why is organic soil important2021-03-13T09:27:49+00:00

When we create our Thai organic soil we focus on creating a healthy soil. This means we make sure that it includes some organic matter and the living microorganisms that are associated with a rich, natural, healthy soil. We ensure that the soil not only contains an abundance of nutrients, but also aids the proper transport of those nutrients from the soil to the plants. It is easy to regenerate organic soil with organic fertilizers to replace nutrients used up by the plants.  We therefore, grow healthy plants that are more able to fight disease and pests using their natural defense mechanisms. This means we do not need to spray with insecticides, many of which harm the environment and can make their way into the food we eat.

The alternative of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has the effect of killing the soil and harming the environment.

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