Thai Organic Agriculture – Our Vision for a healthy new world

We simply cannot sustain agricultural systems based on chemical saturation of the soil. And it is completely unnecessary because properly managed soil regenerates and maintains fertility and the nutrients necessary to grow excellent healthy crops. We are determined to develop Thai organic agriculture for a sustainable, healthy future.

“We at Maruchu Bussan are determined to leave the world a better place for our children”.

Creating A Living Soil

Our background was in IT engineering. We believe that by using the latest, scientific, techniques we can enhance efficiency and develop Thai organic agriculture. Many trees and forests have been lost in Thailand and that has contributed to a lack of fertility in the soil. Modern industrial farming methods, relying on saturating the ground with unhealthy chemicals, is literally killing the soil. On the other hand we produce rich, organic soil which is healthy and sustainable. We use the latest discoveries and advances in scientific techniques.

Living soil contains organic matter. This is so important, not only for the production of nutrients, but also for the proper transport of those nutrients from the soil, through the roots and into the plants. This is what we mean by living soil. Applying weed killers and chemical fertilizers destroy the composition of the soil. Not only is it unhealthy but it is also inefficient.

Thai organic agriculture

Constantly Looking For New Solutions

Through our contacts in the modern day global community of natural agriculture, and our own ongoing research, we strive to find new solutions through innovation.

For example we recently discovered the importance of natural fungi in plant health and growth. We found that the fungi helped with the production and transport of nutrients to our tomato plants. Furthermore we found that they helped ward of diseases. We believe that plants grown in the right soil will have natural defenses against pests and disease. Judging by our tomato experiment we are right.

By perfecting our organic products we not only maintain fertility but also our healthy plants do not require spraying with dangerous pesticides. We are what we eat. We must make sure that our children are not ingesting harmful chemicals.

Organic Thai agriculture


Farming is by its very nature a traditional occupation. Once man discovered how to grow food they were able to leave the caves behind, reduce the need for hunting animals, and live off the land. So, farming techniques and traditions are often centuries old. In modern times industrial farming so often ties farmers into contracts that require that they farm in certain ways. It is very hard for those farmers to accept new ways and move to Thai organic agriculture.

That is where education comes in. We have to demonstrate that our ways work. One way we are moving forward is by developing up 360 solutions that guarantee a market for the organic farmer. For example our melon growing system. Farmers not only have a very small investment to make financially, but also we guarantee their produce will be sold. In fact we buy the products ourselves and turn them into luxury gifts. Marketing is then down to us. The farmer is protected and we have one more organic farm that is nurturing the land and the environment.

Melon growing in Thailand

My Soil Matters – Educating families and kids

In the long term the only way to achieve change is through education. People have to be shown that there are alternatives to industrial agriculture.

During the Covid epidemic people became concerned that there would be shortages of food. Many Thais turned to growing what they could in and around their homes. We went one step further and offered space in our own farms where families could grow their own crops. We have been very encouraged by how popular this imitative has been. It is the new normal for many families to come to our community farms on Saturday mornings to tend to their plots. And, of course, we are on hand with the products and knowledge they need to grow healthy, delicious food to feed their families. We hope to see a growth in kitchen gardens and our community farms provide the learning centers to get people started.

We set up ‘My Soil Matters’ as an umbrella for our education initiative. Under that we not only run the community farms but engage with school kids. They can visit the community farms and we can visit the schools. We are encouraging schools to set up their own gardens. What a fabulous way to engage the kids with new activities as well as demonstrating that you can grow healthy tasty food with Thai organic agriculture.

Chiang Mai community farm
Educating children about organic agriculture

Healthy Medicines
Other Healthy Alternatives

In line with our passion to reduce the chemical intake in our bodies we have been working closely with medical grade cannabis growers in Thailand.

We believe that cannabis is a crop that grows well with Thai organic agriculture. This versatile plant continues to reveal its medicinal health benefits for a number of conditions. However that is only the beginning as it is also potentially a source for clothing, paper and an array of other products. Many of them are presently manufactured using plastics. Switching to naturally grown plant solutions will have a big impact on the planet.

Organic Canabis Cultivation

We simply HAVE to CHANGE

Please join with us to help leave the world a healthier sustainable place for the next generation.