Organic Soils & Fertilizers

Maruchu Bussan research, develop, and manufacture high-quality organic soil and organic fertilizer in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our products promote high yield and quality produce. We carefully engineer our organic soil and fertilizers using the latest agricultural technology from Japan.

Maruchu Bussan Thai organic soil

Agricultural Services

Maruchu Bussan agricultural services include soil surveys and consultancy services.  Let us work with you to improve your farming and horticulture systems and methods. Our aim is to ensure better management of the land, better yield and higher quality produce. We custom build organic soils and fertilizers to fit your crops and systems.

We offer white label & OEM services.

Thai agricultural services


We work with farmers and growers to create Hybrid Farming solutions. By setting up our Community Farm systems we are able to maximize the income from your land. The Hybrid Farming projects also help reduce the impact of prices set by supply and demand.

Our Smart Medical Development project (SMD) is a partnership with The Princess of The Naradhiwas University (PNU). We will work together to research cannabis as a medical herb and further develop it to increase its commercial value and thereby deliver an economic crop.

Thai agricultural projects

Paccan Agro

Pacific Cannovation Company Limited is proud to announce an Official Joint Venture Partnership between Maruchu Bussan Thailand and PACCAN AGRO in the business of the manufacturing and distribution of hemp and cannabis grow / cultivation material for Thailand and global markets.

Paccan Agro partnership