Community Farm Projects

Community Farm Chiang Mai

Our model is called Hybrid farming.
On small or medium sized farms we advise allocating 30% of available land to community farming.

All farmers have certain fixed costs. Additionally there are then costs for actual cultivation.

Farming Costs Per Rai

  1. Water
  2. Electricity
  3. Seeds
  4. Fuel

These costs per rai of farmed land = approximately 21,000 thb

* Note 1 rai is 1600 sq m but only 1200 sq m is actually available for farming.

This means that 1 sq m must produce 17.5 thb per month. We consider that you should aim at 100 thb /sq m in order to have a lucrative farm.

Most organic farmers are happy to make 83 thb per sq m per month.

Farming Costs Thailand

Problems facing organic farmers

  1. It is hard for farmers to switch products during the year.
  2. You already have a market for your specific product. It is hard to find new markets for additional products.
  3. Price varies during the year – price is set by supply and demand.
  4. During low production seasons (for example the rainy season) the price is high but it is very hard to meet the demand.
Hybrid Farming Thailand

This means that for several months of the year it is hard to make a profit per sq m.
The only option is to try and grow more variety. This often means growing more difficult crops. Additionally you then need to find new markets for these products. At the same time you are in danger of loosing the market for your main product when you are unable to supply them even when it is hardly profitable to do so.

Benefits of Allocating Land to Community Farming

  1. Free from prices being set by supply and demand.
  2. Less seasonal variations in income.
  3. You build your own market. You have control.
  4. You can host events and engage in other marketing solutions.
  5. You can cover all fixed farming costs through the Community Farm. For example farm labor costs.
  6. Selling by land area rather than seasonal produce weight is much more reliable and profitable.
  7. Maruch Bussan are actively promoting community farms. New websites are planned and active promotion in social media.
Community Farm Chiang Mai

How Does It Work?

  1. Minimum land area per community farmer (CM) is 5 sq m.
  2. CM minimum contract is 6 months
  3. CM must pay 3 months in advance
  4. You set the price. Guide prices:
    • 5 sq m family plot 499 thb per month (nearly 100 baht per sq m.)
    • 10 sq m family plot 899 thb per month
    • 20 sq m plot for school project, group, company team building project etc. 1488 thb per month
    • 50 sq m for contract farming.
  5. Community farm operation hours: Tuesday – Sunday 0800 to 1700.
  6. Community farmers are a new market for your other products. Try giving free samples of your organic products. For example we provide eggs and organic veggies from our farm.
Community Farm Farming Hybrid Project

With just 10 memberships you will actually have around 30 to 40 people participating in your community farm! You can decide whether Community Farmers can assist with farming or not. Generally it is good to involve family and group members as much as possible. They provide free labor after all!

Benefits to the Community Farmers

  1. A family can expect to receive up to 90% of their vegetable requirements.
  2. All materials and services provided for you. You are only responsible for harvesting the crops.
  3. On site expert advise and assistance always available.
  4. A healthy, outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by all members of a family or any other group of people.
  5. Learning about food production and farming in an organic, environmentally responsible way.
Community Farm Chiang Mai