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Geological Features

Our consultancy is focused on low costs and steady returns. We promote farms that have a steady income and engage in low risk farming. One of the important features for this strategy is the farm location. For example, if your ground is too low or right next to a paddy field, you may encounter flooding. Also, pesticides and chemicals might flow into your organic farm.

If your farm land is too steep, it may add an additional cost to harvesting or daily farm tasks.

We will establish the impact of the geological features of your farm and help you to determine if this farm would expect to create a long term steady income.

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Soil Analysis

Soil analysis is one of the most important things to perform before you start your farm. Some locations are contaminated by pesticides, heavy metal, water contamination.

We will access those problems beforehand in order to minimize any unnecessary risks.

Soil Analysis - Chiang Mai

Weather Systems

Thailand stretches more than 3000 km North to South. It has elevations as high as 1500m and temperature variations from 1 Celsius to 44 Celsius. There are also variations in humidity from high to extremely dry.

This wide range of weather needs to be considered. Our database of environment-based farming models will ensure for your farm reaches its full potential.

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Technical Issues


70% of farming success is through detailed planning. Planning is directly linked to your farm’s income.

We will work with you to set up a plan.

Execution of the plan is the easy part.

Farm Planning


If your farm does not have a sensible budget it will struggle to succeed.

We will compute a well budgeted low cost mode of farming and therefore maximize your farm’s potential.

Farm budgeting


Plotting is aimed to provide a constant, steady production through all the seasons of the year. Our plan will be coordinated with various price constraints and supply constraints of your chosen market.

Foe example – If the farm grows lettuce when everybody does, the farm income will be lower. We will therefore suggest alternative product solution to maximizing your annual profit.

Plotting Crops


Finding the best markets and products is sometimes difficult for farmers. We all tend to want to grow whatever we are best at it.

We will introduce you to new horizons based on product choices and a wider range of markets.

Marketing agricultural products

Other Services

Certification support

Getting international organic certificates can be very difficult. It requires a great deal of paperwork and constant monitoring of your farm.

We will guide you through the processes to get the certification that you need.


Our training facility is in San Sai, Chiang Mai. It is free to join and learn. Our farming method is very simple. We will show you how easy organic farming should be.

Thailand Organic Certificate